Rectification Works


Adams Fire & Safety is an industry-leading Fire protection company in Dubai. We offer error-proof fire system repair and rectification services to our customers.

We maintain a dedicated team of experts to execute sophisticated maintenance jobs of any scale at your premises. We recommend and suggest plan upgrades for any Fire protection systems in the region as per the DCD Regulations. As one of the top DCD approved firefighting companies in the region, we uphold our commitment to perform, deliver, and manage Key Performance Indicators. Adams Fire & Safety is a professional company and we install fire system equipment’s with précised planning and study of safety lines and protocols. We do timely repair & maintenance all to keep the devices healthy & operational. Fire extinguisher refilling in Dubai is very common, but people often ignore the expiry dates and refilling requirements. Our team will ensure the legal and regulatory compliance of your building’s safety measures effortlessly. Being a fire protection company in Dubai with decades of experience in installing fire system projects, we update ourselves with the most modern technologies and guidelines by the DCD, SCD and NFPA. We strictly follow and practice the performance and maintenance standards set up by the authorities. We are an ISO certified, DCD approved Fire Company in Dubai that follows strict standard operating procedures and policies. We provide competitive project quotes, word-class fire protection systems, and utmost customer satisfaction. We walk you through the critical factors of firefighting, and we educate you on the importance of compliance and quality. By this, we retain our place among the top firefighting companies in UAE. We undertake technical inspections to check the position and location of fire equipment like sprinklers, smoke detectors, warning signs, call points, fire dampers, etc. As a top fire protection company in Dubai, we offer double-assurance on safety and eliminate the possibility of any safety flaws. As qualified technicians and experts review the plan, location, number, and positioning of the fire equipment repeatedly, we reconfirm the appropriate installation and completion of each project.