The Profile

Innovative fire technology with integrated solution


Adams Fire & Safety LLC now covers the whole of the Dubai, offering sales and servicing of a whole range of Fire alarm and Fire Fighting
equipment to suit every need, from domestic to industry.

Our company is an ISO South West 9001:2015 Certified and services are subjected to rigorous quality control and have quickly achieved a good reputation for quality and reliability. Our services are DCD Certified, your assurance of safety.


Our success is based on a strong and highly customer focused strategy driven by a team of our chartered professionals sensitive to customer needs.

Our Policy is to provide a “one stop shop” in innovative fire technology with integrated solution for all our customers. We are offering a wide selection of fire engineered products and services with the aim of promoting a professional status and service through our chartered engineers. Our service range is extensive. From standard fire detection, alarm and fighting systems to most complex skids. We offer wide range products, even suitable for harsh environments with the wealth of engineering we possess. Smart design, robust construction and minimum maintenance, it’s our commitment to offer best quality products, you can completely rely on. Moreover, survive by quality, production efficiency, technology and progress, to the credibility of development is our perseverance business purposes.