Fire Risk Training

The awareness of fire risks and knowledge of how to react to situations are essential Health & Safety elements that should be made available to our society. 

Adams Fire can provide a comprehensive training for your safety.

The aim of the training is to provide participants with a greater awareness and understanding of the threat posed by fire, their personal responsibility in preventing an outbreak of fire where they work and the actions that should be taken should a fire occur.

On completion of the Training, the participant will:
Have developed a greater awareness of the hazards of fire. Understand the nature of fire and how it spreads. Recognize the threat to people and property. Appreciate the need for effective fire emergency procedures.

And be able to:
Understand the duties of the fire warden. Distinguish between the different types of extinguisher and the fires for which they are suitable. Tackle small fire with confidence as a result of “hands on” training. Communicate the fire message to their colleagues.

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